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SAP Comes To Nordic Startups

The largest European software company SAP will for the first time introduce its startup program in the Nordics on March 31 in Helsinki. The event, organised in co-operation with ArcticStartup, offers a unique opportunity for targeted networking in Big Data sector.

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Sign up for the event here.

SAP itself was born in early 1970’s as a startup, when five IBM engineers left the American company to continue developing enterprise software IBM had abandoned. Since then, SAP has grown into public company with 77,000 employees and 20.8 billion euro annual revenues, showing that even for the most successful startups of today there is a long way to go.

To boost the ecosystem in the enterprise software space SAP has launched SAP Startup Focus Programme, a global initiative that helps big data & predictive analytics startups develop HANA-based solutions for the enterprise market.

SAP HANA, an in-memory database and application platform, allows to capture and analyse data across all applications – on the same data copy, in real time.

SAP StartUp Focus is a 12-month development accelerator for startups working in the Big Data, predictive and real-time analytics space.

The accelerator works as a co-operation platform, empowering startups with tangible SAP resources and at the same time drives platform adoption of HANA. Today 2,800 startups are building applications on HANA – 60% of them outside the traditional SAP ecosystem – covering 57 countries and 22 industries.

Startups get immediate access to cutting edge HANA technology platform, access to technical HANA experts and marketing & sales enablement support – and access to 300,000+ global customer base to sell market-ready solutions.

SAP Startup Focus does not take equity from participating startups, but it does link the interested teams up with SAPPHIRE Ventures, which might lead to investments.

At the March 31 event you can learn how to leverage the SAP HANA technology to develop commercially viable solutions for the enterprise customer in Big Data, Predictive or Real Time Analytics, Machine learning, AI, data security, IoT, mobile, cloud.

The company is very keen to meet MVP stage startups in sectors like Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, Fintech and Social Sentiment to name but a few.

If you are one of them and would like to meet SAP join us on March 31.

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