Sanoma Group Looking To Invest In Startups Through SanomaVentures

    This might be interesting to any startups in the media field. Sanoma Group has established SanomaVentures, an international fund focused on early stage investments. The media group is sticking with the clear future of media, focusing on segments like online consumer services, mobile and tablet based services, TV & video, online advertising, e-commerce and e-learning. Typical investments will be in the €100 000 and €500 000 range.

    Sanoma Group has a strong presence in the Nordic countries, and has media properties in 20 European countries. In addition to investments, SanomaVentures also provides media exposure, strategic guidance, and their expertise in online marketing and development on the web and with apps.

    “As part of the transformation process Sanoma is going through, we have to find ways to make our current business more efficient – but also to search for new growth. In both our focus areas, media and learning, the start-up scene is very dynamic, innovative and developing quickly. We can contribute to that with Sanoma’s strong market presence as well as our digital publishing expertise and distribution power”, Harri-Pekka Kaukonen, Sanoma President & CEO says.

    SanomaVentures has made their first investment with the Netherlands-basedluxury fashion auction website, SanomaVentures has offices in Helsinki and Amsterdam.

    The group can be contacted by startups here.