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Samsung Partners With Beta-Launched Instabridge To Simplify Wi-Fi Access

When you need to hop on your friend’s Wi-Fi, it’s a given that everyone’s going to hate their life for a few minutes. Your friend has to dig up a dirty post-it note from the back of a drawer, and you’re left wondering if that’s a 0 or a O or why your friend can’t take a calligraphy class. Wi-Fi passwords are one of those things that suck, but a new Swedish startup, called Instabridge, is hoping to make this process better… through technology.

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The Android app lets users skip the process of going into network settings. Instead users log into the app with their Facebook account and automatically grant their friends access to their Wi-Fi. Users can also share access to any network shared by a friend, or a friend of a friend, opening up your phone to a potentially huge network of Wi-Fi spots around the world.

Niklas Agevik, CEO of Instabridge, comments in a press release,“Most Wi-Fi access is now from smartphones but most Wi-Fi solutions are still laptop centric. We radically simplify access to Wi-Fi networks by building a network based on trust. Users will find themselves using Wi-Fi in new situations, lowering their mobile data usage, increasing battery life and increasing data rates.”

The company has also partnered with Samsung to create a version of Instabridge for the upcoming NFC enabled smartphones and tablets.

Their “who we are” video is fairly entertaining, so check it out.

Instabridge – Wi-Fi made easy from Instabridge on Vimeo.

The app can be downloaded here.

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