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Russia Goes Mapping With Yandex Maps

Yandex MapsYandex has success written all over it when it comes to being the leading search engine and the most visited site in Russia with over 21.5 million average monthly users. When you are this big, there is little reason why you won’t try different things. We have been talking about the Russian Internet company and news has always been different. From providing aspiring entrepreneurs with mentoring at Yandex.Start to funding the same with Yandex.Factory. In its latest release, Yandex announced the launch of Yandex Maps, with map of Moscow and Moscow region being the first to be rolled out earlier.

This new electronic map includes 204 detailed maps of the towns and communities in the Moscow region and shows twice as many buildings as compared to its earlier editions. Users can access these maps on the Web by visiting the link here or on their mobile devices using the Yandex.Maps application.

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People at Yandex are relying heavily on the users, enabling the to contribute with suggestions and feedback. This in particular is absolutely essential as Yandex cannot rely on its own workforce or satellites to provide the numerous minute details that can help build these maps more accurate. And with the maps being owned by Yandex, making changes or updating the same makes the task easier as additions can be made fairly quickly, compared to using the already available facilities.

The acquisition of GIS Technologies, the mapping data provider in 2010 was a smart move indeed as this gives Yandex its own professional map makers to create their own maps. With the workforce working in harmony with users, we can expect to be viewing the latest routes and places in the Moscow region. And obviously to other regions as it expands.

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