The mystery Espoo based startup RunToShop that we’ve covered a few times before has set for launch in September. The core of the company is also coming out in their newly designed website – social shopping through personal recommendations and reviews. RunToShop states themselves as the place to find stuff people really love.

They are also actively looking for partners, shops, that want to increase their sales through social shopping. Apparently there will be no shopping mechanisms on the site as they are recommending partners to add a piece of javascript to their website to keep calculation of sales. RunToShop, or Run as they call it themselves, gets money from sales commissions. However, partners will have an option to add their products into the company database, probably for recommendations and reviews.

These are of course guessese, but I have heard from a trusted source that RunToShop is not launching in Finland in September. One easy giveaway is the language – it’s all in English and they speak English in …? You guessed it.

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