Don't Have A Ticket To The Arctic15? Pitch Your Startup To Rubylight For A Free Ticket

    Arctic15 is on the horizon and here is your chance to attend for free. All you have to do is pitch your idea or a startup to an absolutely fantastic investment fund – Rubylight.

    Their team were a part of, one of the leading Russian social networks, and are very comfortable with running and scaling a 100 million user business. So if anybody has the money, expertise and contacts to scale your company – it is them.

    They have decided to sponsor three two-day Arctic15 tickets. Just pitch your idea/company in the form below and they will choose their top three. They will probably want to arrange meetings with the winners during Arctic15 as well, so this is an excellent opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – get the tickets and an investor meeting.

    If you already have a ticket or are planning to get it, we are happy to say that the conference is taking shape and people are already coming to Helsinki from all over the globe. Can’t wait to see all of our speakers, partners and participants at the event. The investors are already arranging meetings, startups are preparing, attendees are getting excited.

    To win your free ticket to Arctic15, fill out this form by 11:59 AM (Finnish Time) on the 12th of October (Friday):


    Rubylight made their pick and the winners are:

    Dopawin (

    Platform, where users play games, depending on their preferences or specific prize they want compete for. Each contest has special missions, allowing non-professional gamers to be competitive. Game developers use dopaWin’s API to bring gamification scenarios with real prizes. Business client use dopaWin as a one-stop-shop for promoting their products.

    Iroquote (

    Iroquote, is reinventing web forums the way they were meant to be. The demand for internet communities about specific topics is strong, and current forums have many problems. We solve problems by employing a clean objective layout, gamification, and democratic administration. Revenue is through highly contextual advertisements.

    Grafetee (

    Grafetee enables consumers to find all kinds of interesting content near their location and organizations to mobilize their data or crowdsource location based data as the Finnish Police is doing using Grafetee. Our goal is that Grafetee is the platform of choice to find, broadcast and crowdsource location specific data.