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Rovio’s Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka took to the stage on Tuesday in SIME Helsinki to talk about Rovio and Angry Birds. During his talk, he disclosed a bunch of numbers and Rovio’s, so called Tetris strategy, to reach 100 million downloads in 12 months. Tetris strategy is an internal term used inside Rovio for the goal they want to reach. It refers to EA Mobile’s Tetris, which has reached approximately 100 to 120 million downloads and is the most sold mobile game, according to Vesterbacka.

Vesterbacka disclosed on stage that Rovio has sold more than 7 million downloads of Angry Birds on the iPhone. The figure is significantly higher, but they’re not disclosing it until the next big milestone. I’m guessing we’re talking the game to be somewhere between 7 and 10 million downloads. The free version has received some 13 million downloads on the iPhone in total.

He also mentioned that GetJar’s servers went down in a matter of seconds as close to a 100k people wanted to download the game to their Android devices last week’s Friday. They’re doing extremely well on the Android platform too, approaching 3 million downloads in just a week is astonishing.

The reason the game was released for free on the Android, according to Vesterbacka, is that monetising models on the Android platform “aren’t quite there yet”. Therefore this gives them a good opportunity to test an ad supported model with the game.

Future releases of Angry Birds, if they do wish to reach 100 million downloads, will include the gaming consoles such as PS3, XBOX and the Wii, but also PCs and Macs will get their share of tossing some birds. No exact date was given for this, but Vesterbacka stated “in the coming weeks”.

Lastly, a very interesting disclosure was the fact that they will be releasing a Facebook game of Angry Birds next spring. Vesterbacka stated that this will be the largest game in Facebook, beating Zynga’s Farmvilles and what not clearly. He didn’t go into game mechanics in detail, but we’d expect it to have some social aspects included taking the evolution to a new stage – making it interesting for those who have played it, all over again.

Below is the presentation of Vesterbacka in SIME Helsinki (up to about 7 minutes):

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