Rovio Stars publishes new fruit based puzzle game 'Juice Cubes'

    Summer might be becoming only a lingering memory in the Nordics now that the clocks have gone back. We’re confronted by so much darkness in the evenings, with the knowledge that more is to come, but Rovio obviously want to try and keep summer alive in our hearts. With lots of bright colours and cute characters modelled on delicious fruits Juice Cubes, developed by PocketPlay Lab based in Bangkok, Thailand, intend to bring us some entertainment to get through the winter.

    Juice Cubes is a simple puzzle game reminiscent of Candy Crunch and another ‘connect lots of the same item’ type of puzzler that escapes my memory right now. Seriously, watch the trailer or play the game and if you know what it is come back and mention it in the comments. I can picture it but I’ve totally forgotten the name, it’s driving me nuts. Anyway, back to the game. The player swipes over fruits of the same type connecting as many as possible in a single group for the biggest combo score possible. There are the usual challenges to beat and you can compete against your friends. It also features explosions, which as everyone knows makes a game scientifically 58% cooler*.

    This is the third game published by Rovio Stars, the first two being Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage and Tiny Thief. Both titles have been successful for the publishing initiative launched by Rovio and I’m sure with it’s simple gameplay and Rovio’s publishing and promotional skills behind it Juice Cubes will do just as well. The game is free-to-play and available now on iOS and Android, with a Facebook version to follow soon.

    Jakob Lykkegaard, Co-Founder of Pocket Playlab said that, “Working together on the release has shown that this was a great decision and we are looking forward to working with Rovio for many years to come.” So we should expect to see other titles come out from PocketPlay Lab in the future through Rovio Stars. Now if you’re reading this and thinking that you’d like your game published through Rovio, and honestly who wouldn’t, then you should probably try. There’s a tab for developers on their website where you can go and apply. Oh alright, for the lazy amongst you here’s the link.

    So then, Rovio (ish), new game, awesome.

    *Totally not scientific, neither based on any facts or research.