Rovio looks for a comeback with Angry Birds "2"

Out of Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Stella POP!, and so on, you might be surprised that Rovio has never made an Angry Birds official sequel. This opportunity is not gone unnoticed, and with the company looking for a comeback on the App Store charts they’re going from Angry Birds 22 to Angry Birds 2.

Not much is shared about the game except for the teaser below, but they’ll need to reinvent the game (literally) to get back to their massive center demographic. Much like Tweety Bird or the Tazmanian Devil, you only see Angry Birds shirts being worn in in XXL or child’s medium sizes. Even their Angry Birds candy is tasting a little stale.

The company is still poised to come back, however, as long as they fit together the pieces correctly. If the game is marketed right, the launch should rekindle some good memories from old fans. And it the game fun, it’ll be the vehicle for Rovio to blast their audience with ads for their upcoming feature film, slated to be released in May of 2016.

With the game and movie being fun, the sky’s the limit again for Rovio. If not, it’s tough to say how many more chances Rovio will get.