Rovio looks east with Angry Birds Fight!

If there’s one thing Rovio evangelist Peter Vesterbaka is all about, it’s… well, Angry Birds. But if there was a second thing he would be all about, it would be in building bridges between the east and west. As one of the founders of Slush you can see that through their conference’s content, pushing for big Asian names up on stage rather than pulling from the standard list of Silicon Valley folks.

That’s why Angry Birds Fight! isn’t such a big surprise from the Espoo-based game developer. It’s a new title that pulls from the popular “match three things in a grid that look the same” genre, but with a more eastern Puzzle & Dragons mindset rather than pulling for something more Candy Crush.

Rovio has been in a transitional phase lately, with CEO Mikael Hed stepping down and Fazer’s Pekka Rantala taking his place. Match that with a huge round of layoffs at the turn of the year and underwhelming performance of Angry Birds Stella Pop, their other attempt at a matching game that was slightly more targeted towards the female demographic.

With this game devloped in collaboration with KITERETSU Inc. in Japan, they’ve now got the Asian demographic pegged. According to Rovio, the game was first released in Asia Pacific in May 2015 and has been downloaded over 3 million times since.

Angry Birds Fight!, the latest cultural mash-up of 2015 can be enjoyed by anyone in the world regardless of gender, nationality or ages.

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