Rovio Brings The Wrath Of Angry Birds To The Mac App Store

    Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, are on a roll. Just a few days ago we wrote about the company releasing their app for the PS3 and PSP devices and yesterday Angry Birds made its debut in the Mac App Store. The app immediately rose to the Top Paid app list’s #1 spot.

    The announcement comes when Apple’s Mac App Store went live earlier today. The game can be downloaded onto your make via the Mac App Store and would cost you €7.99/$9.99. A bit on the expensive side to start off with and it is exactly for this reason that Angry Bird enthusiasts can purchase it at a 50 percent discount. However the offer is for a limited time period only.

    We were of the opinion that this price tag for the Mac users is a bit on the North side and it should be sold at the least possible cost. Primarily for the fact that Angry Birds has a massive number of addictive users, the lesser price could have actually helped them reach a larger number of users. But it is exactly here that I would contradict my own statement, because the game continues to grow and more importantly expand to beyond the iPhone and the Android phones into the Desktop category as well. Secondly it’s a one time price and customers initially get 195 levels, enough to get you addicted with each customer are entitled to receive updates and additional levels for free. That’s a lifetime of free updates, isn’t it?

    The Mac version requires users the latest software update to the Mac OS X. There are certain issues being reported at the Rovio blog on this Mac release, which we hope will be resolved soon. I am not sure if Angry Birds is taking over the world or not, it is definitely beginning to take over numerous platforms.