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Rovio, the makers of the Angry Bird game, have just announced Bad Piggy Bank – among a ton of other interesting things. Let’s get to it then. Bad Piggy Bank is a new solution to one-touch in app mobile purchasing. Furthermore, the PC Version of the Angry Birds will be showcased at a press event beginning 4pm EET (we will update this post with info later). Finally, Rovio has updated the figures on their game downloads – Angry Birds has been downloaded now more than 50 million times.

Yesterday we published that Rovio will be announcing the Angry Birds PC version. The fact is that the launch date is still unknown, but the game will be showcased at the press event – currently on going. We will update as things progress. However, the focus on today’s press event is that Rovio will be bringing a new mobile in-app payment mechanism to the market called Bad Piggy Bank.

Bad Piggy Bank is a system for carrier billing that provides the consumers with a straightforward, hassle-free purchase experience. The user won’t need to register or enter credit card details. All purchases made via Bad Piggy Bank will be charged through the customer’s mobile operator invoice. The Finnish operator Elisa will be the first carrier globally to support the payment.

Bad Piggy Bank has a fixed revenue share model for mobile application purchases. Bad Piggy Bank is powered by Fortumo, the Estonian mobile payments company. The payment mechanism will work in Android phones at the moment.

Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio states that “Angry Birds has become the benchmark in casual mobile gaming, and a huge part of the whole game experience is convenience. With the help of Elisa and Bad Piggy Bank, we can introduce the same high level of convenience to purchasing our products and services.”

Rovio will issue a new update of Angry Birds on Android soon. Elisa and Saunalahti customers in Finland will have the opportunity to purchase the application and remove advertising. Furthermore, Elisa customers will have early access to purchase the new Mighty Eagle character on Android.

Rovio plans to roll out the Bad Piggy Bank in collaboration with other carriers world wide next year. The payment mechanism is available to other developers as well to bring the ease of payment to their customers too.

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