Roundup Of Equity Crowdfunding Projects In The Nordics

    Editor’s note: This is a sponsored post to alert you to the crowdfunding options in the region. Research before investing – early stage companies are high risk.

    Its the beginning of the month and hopefully you just received your salary and are thinking of where to put it. You could of course spend the money on food, drinks and clothing. However you could also consider thinking long-term and invest into companies that actually make those things in return for equity.
    Crowdfunding is all the craze with companies such as Click & Grow from Estonia and Memoto from Sweden raising very large amounts in return for perks. However equity crowdfunding may be in fact the way of the future, where not only are you able to get the products of the companies that you back but also an equity stake for a long-term investment.

    So without further adieu here is the latest news from two equity crowdfunding platforms from the region: Fundedbyme and Invesdor:

    Fundedbyme has been making a lot of hype recently with SMS-Grupp closing a gigantic €1.38M round and Mutant reaching more than 1700% of their original target. They have also announced a launch in Norway, which should come through in the near future.

    Meanwhile we had the chance to get further acquainted with two of their companies: Nerdy by Nerds and OnTheFlea.

    Nerdy By Nerds is an innovative and very nerdy jeans company that is going to create jean for nerds by nerds. They have cut apart their favorite jeans and analyzed every little stitch in order to come up with the perfect jeans recipe. Not only that, but they also want to make physical stores where you will see your jeans being made. All of their jeans have an NFC tag inside, which you can scan and find out exactly when the jeans were made, who made them and who was the client. No more jeans theft! On a serious note, if they can figure out a way to allow clients to use that NFC tag, it would make for an absolutely fantastic pair of smart jeans that can put your phone on vibrate automatically when you put it into the pocket (That is if you have an NFC enabled phone). They have just opened their round to investments, so if you want to find out more – go here.

    Another company from Fundedbyme is OnTheFlea, basically a mobile flea market, where you can sell any of your things in under 30 seconds. The idea is that everybody has a lot of things that they may not particularly need. It may be that old Wii console that you have not used in 2 years, a chair that is sitting in the attic or an excess of silverware and now you can simply take a picture of it and name the price. The app is using geo-location to get the deals that are closest to you which should also help with the social aspect of the project. So far they have gathered a lot of interest. You can find out more and invest here.

    And coming out of Finland, Beibamboo is looking to raise money on their award winning clothing that can help shorten the amount of time children need to be changed or dressed when in the hospital. Currently Vital cannulae and IV tubes make it difficult for children to wear clothing due to the number of wires and tubes connected, so this clothing design makes it much easier to stay warm without reconnecting medical devices.

    Invesdor has recently announced a partnership with Taaleritehdas, a Finnish wealth management company, so we can expect a nice boost to companies that are using Invesdor as their platform of choice. In addition to that Invesdor is also about to announce an interesting partnership with Jolla (the link is in Finnish), so this is definitely something to keep on the radar.

    They have also added a number of new companies such as Bullet Meal, which is something I have been personally dreaming of since childhood. Basically it is a meal in a bar that is actually good for you and contains real meat/vegetables. The great technological solution here involves a patented heat sterilization process that makes sure that Bullet Meal can be stored on shelves without the use of preservatives. Moreover they pack a whooping 400kcal into one bar, which is basically a full meal. They also went the extra mile with the packaging, which can be safely burned with fire – perfect for hiking, climbing and other outdoor enthusiast. Not surprisingly one of their biggest customers are armies, but they are trying to bring the product to the global market and make this more accessible so if you want to make this happen a little more quickly, you can invest into Bullet Meal here.

    Of course, while eating your perfectly healthy meal, you might want to enjoy a sip of your favorite, home brewed beer. To do so, you can join the owners club at Bryggeri, who are going to open a beer restaurant in the historical center of Helisnki. The company has already raised over €660 000 and has met their minimum goal, however there are still 14 days left for you to invest. There are some very special perks that you can get if you invest, so dont hold back. How cool is it to claim that you own an actual beer house?

    Top Funnel accumulates smal drops into big one photo by Shutterstock.