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RoheaRohea Oy, company run by Eero Holmila, Tomi Saarinen and Tero Heikkinen, has acquired two famous Finnish entertainment sites Mikseri.net and Kuvake.net. Mikseri.net is the most famous Finnish music site for unlabelled artists and some popular musicians have sprung up from the service to top the radio charts. Mikseri.net has more than 100 000 songs in its database. Kuvake.net has around 150 000 registered users and is a social network for young adults revolving around photos and personal communication.

Rohea acquired the sites in a 51% buyout of Reflekto Oy’s shares. Reflekto Oy was founded by Arto Aaltonen who has also put his touch on other successful web properties such as the now Swedish owned and run Stardoll. Aaltonen will continue to be a share holder in Reflekto Oy and a member of its board.

Rohea has definitely taken massive leaps in becoming an interesting player in the Finnish web property market. In the past, Finnish media companies have bought out popular web destinations such as Telkku.com, an online Finnish television guide, and Blogilista.fi, a local blog directory for Finnish citizen journalists. It will be interesting to follow what the ambitions for Rohea are in developing the sites, be it a long term roadmap for development or an interesting target for a larger acquisition.

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