Rochard Is The New Space Hero Protecting Us From Aliens!

    Gravity defying, men against alien pirates, set to save planet Earth from evil, sounds like a typical video game. But with all the hype surrounding Rochard, I am sure Sony Online Entertainment and Finnish Recoil Games have done a quite an impressive job. Even though the hero defies gravity, the gamers are sucked into the gaming experience.

    Rochard is a tale of John Rochard who is given the voice of Jon St. John, the same person who’s voice is better associated to the legend we remember as Duke Nukem. The gameplay revolves around Jon, who is an astro-miner when he discovers an artifact deep within an asteroid. When you say artifact it should be known that it is of great value, and if this is found in space, don’t be surprised if aliens come with an objective to acquire it. Artifacts, aliens, invasions and in comes Rochard and alien annihilator; the G-Lifter that helps him play with gravity, solve puzzles and save the day.

    The game has been developed by  Recoil Games and it isn’t about simply firing your weapon and destroying all the aliens. It requires users to use logic to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. The game has been acclaimed far and wide, receiving two Best of Awards at the 2011 Gamescom. Samuli Syvahuoko, CEO of Recoil stated:

    When floating through low gravity, solving puzzles and tossing boxes at space pirates, we are confident players will find Rochard to be a fun game to sink their teeth into this fall.

    While with gameplay, action comes as a default association, Rochard brings with it a twist of humor as well, I am not sure how great this is, but if the man who voiced Duke Nukem is doing the same for Rochard, expect it to have that touch of DK in it.

    The side scrolling game that takes you back to the early 90s (of course with less pixelated graphics), its fast, has great sound effects and in short everything that would keep you hooked for hours. You can watch a short promo video to get a hint of what Jon Rochard is all about!

    Rochard is available for Playstation 3 and it was released yesterday, September 27th. Recoil Games is a privately held game development company with its core expertise in premium console games. It is based in Helsinki, Finland.