Risu Wants To "Finnish Your Style" With An Organic Beard Oil

    Bearded men are struggling with sensitive skin and skin dryness, and Finnish family startup Risu wants to change that with their beard oil.

    “I called my sister Linda when I noticed last summer that there’s no Finnish producers of beard oils, and after talking about my idea for a minute – she said she’s in,” tells Linus Weckström, the co-founder of Risu.

    That’s how the chemist sister started to work on the perfect blends with the test group of her husband and Linus – both of course having the perfect snazzy beards for the purpose.

    Beard oils work as a moisturizer, just like conditioner for hair, that goes straight to the beard follicle and prevents it from growing brittle, which is necessary especially in cold and windy environments.

    In Risu’s case the concentration is also on creating organic products with a Nordic twist, by adding to the mix for example Finnish superfood sea buckthorn oil.

    “We started developing the products with a goal to make the best possible combination without thinking about the costs,” says Linus.

    The company opened their webstore this month, and they’re steadily getting clients all around Europe. Next the product line of three oils will get a seasonal addition, but Risu will not yet expand to other products says Linus.

    “Of course we’re scanning for new trends constantly,” he adds.

    But what if beards won’t be trendy soon anymore?

    “The trend of using beard oils started in US already around three years ago though it’s now a new product in Finland. Nevertheless, there’s so many people who had beards before it was cool, so I believe we’ll still have a market,” laughs Linus.

    Beard oil also works as a grooming tool, making the beard itself more manageable, neat and smooth.