Rightware Buys Futuremark's Mobile Unit And Closes A €3m Investment

Finnish startup Rightware acquires Futuremark’s mobile and embedded business unit.

Rightware is really a spin-off from Futuremark that was just founded at the end of 2009. At the same time the company announced the deal with Futuremark, they announced a closing of a €3m investment from Inventure and Nexit Ventures.

With the funding, Rightware will accelerate development and marketing of Kanzi. Kanzi is a taylor made solution specifically for mobile phones and automotive applications as well as Futuremark’s established device performance measurement products and services for mobile and embedded industries. Kanzi enables manufacturers of mobile phones and automotive display & infotainment systems to create richer and more intuitive user interfaces in radically less time than it takes with conventional tools and methods.

In the deal, all of Futuremark’s mobile and embedded IPRs, assets and liabilities are transferred to Rightware. Tero Sarkkinen will also jump ship at the same time and move from Futuremark to Rigthware to head the company as its CEO. Futuremark on its part will fully focus on the game development and PC Benchmarks businesses.