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Rightware Brings Stereoscopic 3D Homescreen To Android With Kanzi UI

RightwareThe Mobile World Congress 2011 in February is a definite event to keep an eye on, especially when there is some interesting news associated to the Android based smartphones. There is definitely the same level excitement for quite some innovation in the mobile category but Rightware has plans to make display on Android phones, visually more pleasing.

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The firm plans to introduce a cool stereoscopic 3D homescreen for the Android smartphones. This 3D homescreen is based on Rightware’s Kanzi UI solution and offers quite a lot to home display on your Android form breaking the otherwise monotonous display, in my opinion. What is worth mentioning here is that Kanzi UI gives users the power to create their own 3D homescreen or customize existing ones using the Kanzi Studio UI tool on your PC. Once created, the experience can readily be ported to any Android device.

In a press release by Rightware, Tero Sarkkinen, CEO of Rightware share his thoughts on why Kanzi’s UI solution would be in a stronger position compared to its competitors:

While the S3D race among the mobile device manufacturers is underway, all of them have been forced to limit themselves to only S3D imaging and movies. With Kanzi UI Solution, these companies along with content creators can also create interactive S3D home screens, user interfaces and applications that enable the complete experience of stereoscopic 3D

If you are in Barcelona Spain make sure you take advantage of the Mobile World Congress to check out Kanzi UI in works along with other innovative stuff between February 14 to 17.

Rightware is a leading provider of 3D user interface technology and has introduced the first Stereoscopic 3D interface solution for devices. It is headquartered in Espoo, Finland with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Palo Alto, CA, US.

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