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Monday, July 4, 2022

Right here: The action-packed Arctic15 Schedule

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You know why you need to be at the Arctic15, but looking for the who’s what’s when’s and where’s? Here’s the schedule, ripped from the Arctic15 website where you’ll find more info on the speakers and tracks at the event.

After collecting dozens of event badges over the years at ArcticStartup, we’ve learned that the keynotes and panel discussions are fun draws to stay motivated, inspired, and learn something, but the real value from events is being able to network with fellow attendees and speakers. That’s why we’re putting a big emphasis on our deal room, where you can sit down with investors or make deals with corporations, pick our speakers’ brains, and get interviewed by media. Outside the dealroom seats we’re doing the best to build the right hooks to provide plenty of those chance encounters that just might lead to something down the road.

Haven’t gotten a ticket yet? Grab yours now! Our ticket prices are increasing every day from now on, so it’s just good sense to grab it while you can. And thanks for supporting ArcticStartup!

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