Timo Herttua of Dealmachine interviewed Ricky Yean in Silicon Valley earlier this year on finding product/market -fit. Ricky Yean is the CEO and Co-founder of Crowdbooster. Ricky Yean and his co-founder went through Y-Combinator to find the right approach for them to build their service on. He explains in detail how they persevered through many turn downs, but managed to find the right approach in the end. Videos like this are very useful, even though they aren’t the length of an academic lecture. We’ll try to do our best in the future as well to bring you valuable content on how to improve your chances of success in being an entrepreneur.

I talked to Timo Herttua about the making of the video and he said he met Ricky Yean through Kristo Ovaska in Silicon Valley. Kristo Ovaska is the founder of Finland’s Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. They were having dinner together when Yean invited Timo Herttua to SSE Labs for the interview. SSE Labs is actually StartX today (Stanford Student Startup Accelerator), but it is a co-working space, where the best startup potential is invited to work at. AOL has sponsored the physical space together with free drinks and other small advantages.

Anyhow, enjoy the 8 minute interview below with Ricky Yean of Crowdbooster and finding product/market fit.

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