Reykjavik's Kúla starts crowdfunding as Kickstarter comes to Scandinavia

    Today’s the day that Kickstarter opens up in Scandinavia, and with it we’re taking another look at Kúla, the Reykjavik-based 3D camera solution that works for any DSLR or smartphone. They’ve opened up a crowdfunding round with a legal entity in Denmark, and are looking for DkK 233,626 (€31,000).

    How the solution works is by attaching a special lens to your smartphone (the Kúla Bebe) or camera (Kúla Deeper) that splits the image in half and takes two pictures from slightly different angles. Once the picture is processed through their software, you’ve suddenly got the ability to see your pictures or videos in almost any 3D format like 3D TV, stereoscopic (for CinemaBox, StereoViewer, Oculus Rift and more), anaglyph (red/cyan), wigglegrams, and animated gifs.

    For their smartphone solution this all comes in the app, allowing you to take pictures and check it out immediately.

    “I would love to show people the affection of personal 3D pictures and the value of having their moments captured in 3D” says Íris Ólafsdóttir, the founder of Kúla. “I am hoping that Kúla Deeper and Kúla Bebe will make a lot of people discover how awesome it is to watch their friends, porcupine, grand parents and their important moments in 3D. Personally I prefer my personal 3D content on the 3D TV screen over hobbits and aliens.”

    Their Kickstarter funding will be used for the manufacturing side of the Kúla Bebe and Kúla Deeper. which use high precision mirrors to get the most out of your shots. Kúla was founded in 2011 and is funded by the Icelandic Technology Development Fund.