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According to Reuters and its sources, Skype IPO will take place in 2011. Skype is still assessing a number of factors before making the decision to go ahead with the IPO. Last month, Skype named Tony Bates, a former Cisco executive its CEO. Bates is expected to make the decision on the IPO once he gets more acquainted with the staff and the products.

Investors have also been expecting Skype to IPO before the end of the year, but two people close to the issue said that market conditions and other factors appear to be slowing the pace. Skype was also approached by many technology companies to sell a pre-IPO stake. The company did not however follow true with these and is solely looking to take the company public in 2011.

Skype is looking to attract somewhere between $750 million and $1 billion in the IPO. Apparently, Goldman Sachs is the leading the effort together with several joint book running managers, including JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital as well as Citigroup.

Skype filed an S-1 back in August this year, which is a formality that needs to be done before a company’s securities can be listed for trading. It basically includes information on the company’s business, financing and directors.

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