ResQ Launches An Online Marketplace For Restaurant Leftovers

    Would you be interested in picking up restaurant buffet leftovers home with you after the lunch hours?

    Helsinki-based startup ResQ launches an online marketplace to help allocating restaurant leftovers. The environmentally friendly solution enables restaurants to sell their ‘food waste to be’ as takeaway meals to the users.

    Based on the idea, the service seems like a great deal for both customers and the restaurants. Though the prices are low – most commonly from three to six euros – the restaurants can earn thousands of euros more without using much additional resources, the company states. On the other hand, the users working or living close to the restaurants can pick up cheap takeaway food easily after reserving it through the app.

    At the moment, ResQ is available in six restaurants in Helsinki region and they’re looking for registering new partners after the official launch on January 28th.

    Reducing food waste is a big trend in the region, but earlier the solutions have been concentrating on grocery stores rather that restaurants. So we wonder if ResQ will become the practical solution for restaurants to reduce food waste? Let’s let the users decide.