If you are a Bitcoin wallet holder, renting Ferrari or McLaren becomes easier for you. Starting today Estonian luxury car rental marketplace Lurento accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for renting sports and luxury cars. You can now rent luxury and sports cars in 70 cities in Europe and pay the rent with BTC.

Lurento partnered with British-Lithuanian Spectrocoin to integrate BTC payments on the website. To rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Florence for a day you’ll need 0.47 BTC while a week-long road trip from Monaco to Barcelona in Mercedes S Class Convertible will cost you 1.58 BTC. Lurento’s selection of cars teems with 700+ luxurious vehicles, enough to satisfy even the most demanding traveller.

Lamborghini huracán on Lurento

“Our aim is to raise a bar in luxury travel sector when it comes to digital experience of our customers. Easiness and security in booking process are our top priority and Bitcoin brings exactly that to the table”, says Mihailo Dhoric, Lurento CEO.

Companies are responding to the Bitcoin trend, from travel agencies to airlines. More and more services can be paid with digital currency, and car rent should not be any different. Bitcoin is accepted as universal currency, and it is only natural for travel companies to explore these options and attract more people.

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