Reminder: Stardoll Is Huge

    You forget how big Stardoll is, because if you’re reading this you’re probably not in their 7-17 year-old girl demographic. And if you do know about them, you may forget about them because they seem almost like an institution by now – the service has been around in one form or another since 2004. This Saturday, Stardoll passed the 200 Million member mark, a huge milestone for the company. To give you some idea of growth, Stardoll hit the 150 million mark in late January of this year.

    Stardoll is a an online paper doll community where you can create your own dolls or build off of celebrity-branded dolls. Users can dress up their dolls, add makeup, and interact with each other in clubs. Stardoll also offers interactive activities, and somewhat educational games for their users. The service is monetized through virtual goods. For 2011, Stardoll posted revenue of SEK 202 million (€23 million) according to

    I remember talking to a developer who used to work at Startdoll at our ArcticEvening event in Stockholm, and he told me when he first took his job there he wasn’t extremely passionate about the product. But he grew an appreciation when he implemented a commenting feature, and suddenly comments in this one small area were pouring in at 16 a second, or some crazy number.

    He’s no longer at Stardoll, but as a side note Stockholm is developing high-qualaity developer talent that knows how to scale digital products. On the web, Stardoll is churning huge numbers. Spotify has scaled up worldwide while still keeping their high-bandwith service instantaneous. And iZettle and Klarna have seen some good numbers, which I imagine is a feat considering the challenges of financial services.

    200 million is a milestone for any social community, and we should remember to keep Stardoll in our conversations when we think about Nordic online communities. It’s not just Habbo up here.