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Just a quick reminder before you run away from your computer to enjoy those after work drinks. We’re organising an ArcticEvening in Tampere on the 2nd of December in New Factory Demola, located at Väinö Linnan Aukio 15, 3rd floor. We’ll be showcasing a panel with angel investors and also some startup pitches (you can still apply here for a chance to pitch). The show will kick off at 5pm and will continue until 8pm. To take part, register your ticket below.

We’ll be coming out in a little over a week’s time with the members of the panel and chosen startups to pitch at the event. Stay tuned!


Hermia Ltd. & New Factory / IBP
International Business Program is a Finnish nation-wide program offering help to startups get off the ground and internationalise. The project consists of 3 stages: Internationalization Clinics, Internationalization Camps and Go-To-Market-package. Hermia is one of the five project cooperators. The Project is coordinated by Culminatum Innovation Ltd.

Hermia Ltd is a leading Finnish innovation company in the fields of ICT and mechanical engineering and a major networker in the energy industry. The company coordinates and implements development programs and projects in cooperation with companies, universities and research institutions and builds networks of expertise. Hermia is responsible for the coordination of the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise Programme and for the implementation of Centres of Expertise in five fields in 2007 – 2013.

New Factory is a community that is open to all actors and lines of business and that creates a significant amount of new business, open job positions and international growth company know-how. Hermia Ltd is in charge of the machinery and operations of Factory.

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