Remedy EntertainmentRemedy Entertainment, a Finnish gaming company, has revealed some more information regarding their newest game Alan Wake, which has a planned release date in the Spring 2010. For those unfamiliar with Remedy Entertainment, they are the developers of Max Payne the first person shooter based in the city of New York. The game was an immense success by all means and they later sold the rights to the game for $10 million US to Take-Two Interactive as well as close to million shares of stock.

Alan Wake is a game that looks very good by the trailers that have been posted. Few months ago they released another trailer that pretty much opens up the game logic and possibilities within there for all interested to see. Another noteworthy issue is that the game is being published by Microsoft Game Studios and will solely be available for the XBOX360 and PC.

Nevertheless, don’t take my word for it. Watch the trailer below, it’s just over 5 minutes and you’ll begin to understand the anticipation I have that this game will also be definite hit among the gamers.

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