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Audiodraft, the Finnish audio crowdsourcing service (and startup by the same name) has landed a major partnership with Nokia to remake the hugely popular Nokia Tune. The most liked tunes on the Audiodraft page are actually very good and I’d seriously be thinking of using one for my iPhone.

This is actually the first time Nokia is inviting people to work with the tune that is still today heard over 1 billion times a day, even though changing your ringtone is more popular than changing your socks. The winner of the tune competition will be included in selected models of Nokia’s 2012 portfolio and the number of devices the tune will be on is about 100 million.

In addition to being included in the devices themselves, the winning tune will be available in Ovi Store as well as a featured item in Nokia Brand Book. The winner will go home with a $10 000 in prize money, while the five runner-ups will take home $1000 each and the chance to have their tune in the Ovi Store.

By the looks of the promotional video below, it seems like the tune will be made available in the new line of Nokia Windows Phones. Nevertheless, a great partnership from Audiodraft that will surely take the company forward in its path and great to see Nokia reaching out to the ecosystem for new ideas.

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