Sumoing launches a professional photo retouching application with an easy-to-use interface

Creators of Repix and Camu launch another premium photography application for mobile creatives.

Finnish Sumoing has launched globally their newest photo editing application, Relook, which promises to give professional fashion photographer level retouch for the pictures of selfie and portrait lovers. According to the CEO of Sumoing, Ilkka Teppo, the application has been built up for one user scenario: to result in a high-end feature editing possibility for both basic users and professionals.

“The application is convenient for subtle retouching, which is a normal procedure especially for fashion and celebrity photos. As photos can be shared straight to your social network, professionals can also start editing the pictures on their iPad or iPhone and then transfer the pictures to Photoshop where all the edited layers are visible,” says Teppo.

As there are plenty of applications for photo retouching in the market, Teppo emphasizes that the biggest difference with Relook is that it doesn’t automatically filter the whole picture. The app is built on Bright-3 skin layering technology, so it enables enhancing specific elements such as skin tone, color, facial shape and skin healing.

“We aim for natural polishing of the pictures,” Teppo states.

Creating a high-end mobile tool box

Sumoing is continuing to develop their photography related app tool box after the award winning Repix and Camu. Teppo says their aim is to use similar technology for creating simple solutions for photography, and they’ll concentrate on integrating their applications to work seamlessly together.

“It makes no sense to recreate Photoshop, so we want to enable people to make one thing well through one application at a time. That’s why we’ll continue to make high-end tools for mobile use.”

Relook was launched at the end of last week and it has received great reviews – The application is holding right now the first place in China and second spot in United States at App Store ‘Best New Apps’ –category.

We’re also excited to see if Relook will be Sumoing’s only hit application for this summer as they are launching their next application, Retype, already by the end of June. Retype concentrates in enabling high-end photo typography, and like in Relook’s case it will be easily interconnected with other Sumoing applications so after uploading and retouching one can easily apply typography to the edited photos.