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Back in June, we wrote about Recoil Games receiving 400 000 euros in funding from Mediatonic. Last week, the results of their work are starting to show. Recoil Games released Rochard for Sony and their PlayStation Network. The game is a side-scrolling puzzle and exploration game that stars a space miner called John Rochard in search for extra-terrestrial life. The game features about 8 to 9 hours of game play.

Mediatonic invested 400 000 euros into the company back in 2010. The investments are done in different terms than the regular VC or angel invests into startups on. Mediatonic invests into the future revenue stream of these titles. No equity changes hands and Mediatonic takes the risk in the potential future sales of the products.

Recoil Games does not disclose anything about the company itself on their website, which is a simple splash screen. The company was started in 2006 and already in the year ending 2007 their revenues were over 1.5 million euros. These have since declined to only 50k euros in the year ending 2009. Somewhat a dramatic drop, but since the games business is all about hits – this is normal for the industry.

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