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RebtelJust before Easter, Rebtel has announced that they are moving into the international SMS space with the launch of the ToIP (Text-over-IP) service. With this two groups of clients can take advantage of cheaper international SMSs. First, obviously the consumers using Rebtel’s services are one group, but also app developers who require sending of international SMS as part of their service can also take advantage.

“We are the very first service provider to launch cheap international SMS through local numbers, and this is just the latest example of how Rebte l is committed to bringing innovation to market that benefits consumer’s pocketbooks instead of carriers’ profits”, states Andreas Bernström, CEO of Rebtel.

Additionally, Rebtel has also announced that they have dramatically reduced rates on international text messages from the US for people who don’t own smartphones. Rebtel To IP is an SMS service for feature phones that is up to 93% cheaper than a similar service offered by AT&T and Verizon. With these kind of offerings, Rebtel is clearly targeting the US market where there’s certainly a lot of opportunity.

With the announcement Rebtel is also opening their Rebtel messaging API to developers to use. This can bring big cost savings for companies that need to do a lot of international texting. Rebtel’s CEO Andreas Bernström states that they are the very first company to offer such a service with extremely economical prices to developers.

Rebtel is definitely on a roll and just as we reported the company forecasting its 2011 revenues to be around $75 million this year, they very well might achieve it with service announcements such as these.

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