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Rebtel, the Sweden-based VoIP company, is being blocked again in Germany by E-Plus. Rebtel is letting E-Plus bypass their foreign calling rates by giving a cheaper alternative to calling expensive foreign numbers – through VoIP. Alexander Drewniak wrote about the incident in the company blog.

It seems this is an annual issue with Rebtel. They were blocked in Germany last year as well, exactly around these times of the year. Last year it was O2. Needless to say, but this sort of activity is against EU regulations and also the consumer contracts with E-Plus.

E-Plus is the third largest operator in Germany, so the problem isn’t a small one. Furthermore, Alexander has written the blog post that Rebtel has some 3 million customers who will want to defend their rights for cheaper phone calls. I’m sure E-Plus will get their fair share of contacts from consumers in the coming days if they won’t resolve the situation to Rebtel’s favor.

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