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Rebtel has taken a step forward into becoming an even more attractive company on the VoIP industry. The Swedish company announced yesterday that they have released a new version of their iPhone app that will allow users to make free phone calls to each other. The requirement is though, that both of the users are using the Rebtel application and are on Wifi or 3G. The new update has also added a few nifty updates to make the use even more simpler and in doing so the company has taken, in my opinion, its biggest steps to catering to the online community in a more integrated way.

In addition to providing free phone calls for users both on a data plan (in addition to using the Rebtel app), users no longer need to manually add contacts into the application to generate a “rebtel number” for the contact. This is now all automated. In addition, the app is able to automatically select the best way to connect the call – be it 3G, Wifi or through a VoIP number. The connection through a VoIP number means you will call a local number instead and it will connect through the internet at a local price at the other country, if the call is international.

This all puts Rebtel very close to another app that has received a lot of popularity in this scene in the past months, Viber. However, the more these apps are able to integrate into the phone and the way we communicate – the less you’ll actually have to worry using them. I also believe this is Rebtel’s goal – to become as transparent in the phone as possible.

This of course is an operators nightmare – apps becoming operators in a way, connecting calls through the cheapest alternative available. Nevertheless, the more seamless the experience will become, the more consumers will like it.

You can get the app from iTunes.

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