Food to Home is the new online restaurant service from Finland, that aims to conquer European market. The app allows users to order food with home delivery, takeaway or dine-in options. What makes it different from other services alike? Food to Home has significant features that support your food journey wherever you travel. Here is how Food to Home is going to stand out from the crowd:

Order food online all around Europe without a language barrier

Food to Home is the first mobile restaurant service that will be launched all over Europe and break almost all local language barriers. A customer could be a local who loves exploring restaurants in a neighbourhood, or a traveller who takes food as an important part in getting to know a culture. Food to Home aims serve both. 

Secure payment method for ordering food online

The app eliminates the problem of not having the right card or payment method when ordering food online. No need to worry about whether the restaurant accepts your card, or is it a cash-only place, Food to Home will be your wallet taking care of all the payments beforehand. The company is using payment service provider that also happens to be a trusted partner of Netflix and Spotify.

The more active you are, the more you earn

Food to Home aims to create a shared business environment. By activating restaurants, users will earn a certain percentage of the orders that are put through the service for each restaurant they activate. In practice, this means that users can then activate restaurants using personal code that he or she receives during the registration. Thus, the more restaurants you activate, the more you earn.

Food to Home brings great benefits also to restaurants. Tommi Hippeläinen, a founding member of Food to Home, promises: “Top Finnish experts have refined the services to the smallest detail so that it will be hassle free for the restaurants.” Restaurants can join the system without any service charge and the commission is proven to be6.95%, which is the lowest in the market. Additionally, the app provides a great chance for restaurants, especially small sized ones, to get more global visibility. Restaurants also receive efficient marketing tools which target potential customers directly who are passing by in the vicinity. Plus, the app offers global visibility for restaurants, especially the small ones. 

Food to Home already has a large base of joining restaurants and the number is growing rapidly. To date, the app has over 300,000 European restaurants on the map. By joining the network, users not only have a chance to taste delicious meals from the Food to Home restaurant network but will enjoy it with secure mobile payments, and also earn money while using the app. Food to Home is absolutely a great solution for both travellers and locals on the fascinating journey to explore tasty food.

By Alice Tien Tran

Alice Tien Tran is a Marketing and communication enthusiast, content writer and energetic event organizer. She is hungry to develop knowledge and expertise in social media marketing, content marketing, and video production. When she’s not working, you might find her testing some baking recipes or at a Vietnamese traditional dance practice. Connect with her on Medium.

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