Reaktor's Polte lands in Tokyo

    Polte, one of Finland’s leading early stage investor, will take on at the Japanese startup scene as a part of Slush Asia 2015 in Japan. Operated by the creative technology company Reaktor, one of the industry leaders in Finland, Polte is investing money into very early stage startups.

    “We’ve been overwhelmed by the welcome in Japan. Reaktor’s skill and working methods combined with the Japanese technology powerhouses is an explosive match,” says Oskari Kettunen from Reaktor on his blog post.

    Polte defines itself as a new type of professional investor – somewhere between a super-angel, a corporate VC and an accelerator. It’s portfolio has grown from zero to 21 in just a couple of years.

    “Companies we invest in will join a strong and active community of some of Finland’s hottest startups. They’ll also have the same permanent hotline to their professional peers inside Reaktor,” Kettunen continues.

    Slush Asia, where the launch of Polte is taking place, is arranged today on April 24th.

    “Slush Asia is sure to be remembered as a kick-off for something great. A new wave of Japanese startups is mixing global influences into their operation and setting eyes onto international markets, with a bit of the Nordic sensibility to translate their vision to western customers,” says Aki Saarinen – the newest partner of Reaktor Polte – who will also be Polte’s face in Japan.

    The Slush Asia conference is on right now and you may follow the live stream at