Reaktor Polte Aims to Be Top Investor in Europe: Rebrands to Reaktor Ventures

Reaktor Polte rebrands as Reaktor Ventures in an attempt to become the number one VC in Europe. To do that, they will not only offer cash but also access to over 300 professionals in development, recruitment, design, UX and much more.

Reaktor Ventures

When we first wrote about Reaktor Polte a few years back, we saw potential in the concept of letting startups use their development and design talent. Then they surprised us by announcing almost one investment per week. Today, they announced that it was all a test for a much bigger project to redefine the VC game.

With rebranding to Reaktor Ventures and launching a new site, Reaktor aims to become a tier one VC in Europe, however they are planning to do that with all of their own money derived from it’s core business of being a developer/design house with over 300 people.

The model that Reaktor aims to re-introduce is a combination of cash and services. They want to invest between 50 000 and 1 000 000 EUR per company and in addition to that give you access to over 300 professionals in development, recruitment, design, UX/UI, sales and more. Each person at Reaktor will have the opportunity to help out the portfolio startups.

Since they are not a traditional fund, Reaktor claims that they have been currently investing at a pace and levels comparable to a 15M EUR fund, but will now invest at a speed and levels of a 30M EUR fund.

“We want to be to investing what Reaktor was to software consulting. We want to be the most sought after investor in the Nordics and we made a strategic decision to go all-in on that.” says Oskari Kettunen the managing parter at Reaktor Ventures.

We want to be the most sought after investor in the Nordics.

One thing that we liked is that Reaktor told us that there is no cap on how much time of their full-time staff each portfolio company can use.

Recently, we have seen quite a lot of moves by investors to attempt to differentiate themselves by either focusing on certain verticals, offering addition services, partnering with corporates or more. Of course providing development forces is not a brand new concept and we have previously written about Rubylight’s approach to do something similar. However Reaktor’s announcements seems to be of a much larger scale.

Today they have 23 portfolio companies, including: Venuu, Sportsetter, Shark Punch and Mendor and according to Kettunen, they will now pick up the investment speed and we can’t wait to see the results.