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The Berlin based startup, Readmill, founded by the Swede Henrik Berggren (he’s also coming to Arctic15) has a ton of new items to announce. First of all, they are launching a new version of their service that has Library and Send to Readmill features integrated into it. Secondly, they are launching a partnership with six independent launch partners that will allow integrate the Send to Readmill into their stores. And thirdly, the company has secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from Wellington Partners.

The Library feature will allow Readmill users to upload all their ebooks to the cloud from their computers and thus have them readily available on all devices that support the app. This is something very similar to the Amazon Kindle environment, where all books are stored on the Amazon infrastructure and downloadable to your device. I was going to mention “easily” in the previous sentence before I started thinking about the Amazon digital file management – Readmill is definitely a simpler service to use.

The send to Readmill button willl work both on Readmill, but also in the six stores the company is launching its new features with. This will dramatically increase the visibility of the brand to new users.

Currently Readmill does not disclose the exact amount of users it has, but according to their Community Manager Matthew Bostock, it is growing nicely. We were told these early users also share thousands of highlights each day.

The eight launch partners are Leanpub, Readlists, Free-ebooks.net, Jottify, OR Books, Publit, Bibliocrunch, A Book Apart and Bookrix. Each of them is a publisher of content and will add visibility for Readmill into their service. Together the stores have thousands of titles. Naturally not comparable to Kindle, but a great selection of indie authors.

“With Readmill we started with a great reading experience, but we quickly realized that getting to that experience took too much time and eort.” said Henrik Berggren, CEO of Readmill. “I’m very excited about this #rst step of many towards helping people get from buying to reading in one click. We have some really great partners already on board, and we look forward to helping them increase their readership and sell more books.”

Jack Lenox, founder of Jottify, said: “We’re making a number of steps to improve user experience on Jottify, and Send to Readmill is a fantastic addition that will provide a simple and seamless way for our community to get books into their Readmill accounts. Readmill is one of the best reading experiences out there, so we’re very glad to be a partner.”

As for funding, Wellington Partners has invested an undisclosed amount of funding in the Series A round into the company. The funding will allow the nine person team execute throughout this year

Daniel Waterhouse, partner at Wellington, said: “We are incredibly excited to be backing the Readmill team. As consumers shift to a digital reading experience we passionately believe in the power of a platform to bring readers, publishers and authors closer together in sharing their reading experiences. Readmill has created an agnostic platform and distribution channel to make this happen – coupled with the world’s best reading experience. They are in a position to be an ubiquitous part of everyone’s reading lives.”

Henrik Berggren, the CEO and founder of the company will also be on stage at Arctic15 in October, sharing his experiences in growing the company.

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