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A university professor’s Raffle.AI solution received an investment of 16 million Euros

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Raffle.ai from Denmark raised €16 million funds from K1 Investment. The Series A funding enables the company to build new business relationships. The aim is to provide more rapid and user-friendly services to those who tend to deepen their company knowledge.

The platform is strengthened by artificial intelligence power. It is also defined as a next-generation technology considering the needs for enterprise searches. It practically saves money and time.

The start-up is not just a risk-taking, a show-off to all other cool investors or a boring business deal in the field. It also means an open gate for new positions for many who is dying for any opportunity to use. Before the year ends, this expansion will make its presence felt in the U.S. and the European side of the market.

Raffle.ai’s Reflections After the Funding

Kellen Haines, who is the principal at K1, defines a search as a kind of pain constantly blocking the ways of many organizations. Raffle.ai’s creation enables customers and employees to enjoy the most of the business they get into. Because the start-up makes it possible. It provides totally free-text-based search and accurate answers to the questions in a quicker way than ever. That’s why this start-up is a necessary step to ease the pain away and take a smooth path in daily work routines. The raffle.ai team saves time by reducing the human workforce with next-gen search technology. It is just for those companies to set their sights high.

Kellen Haines, Principal at K1“Search is an unresolved pain in many organizations and represents a huge efficiency potential in daily work routines. The raffle.ai team has done an incredible job of building a platform that marries next-gen search technology with fast time-to-value, and we couldn’t be more excited to support the company in its next phase of growth.” – Kellen Haines, Principal at K1.”

So, what are the perks of this start-up?

The enterprise is worth to multi-billion-dollar investment also because it offers you to experience more user-friendly and rapid search without coming across any bumps in the road. The CEO and plus the founder of raffle.ai, Suzanne Lauritzen, reassure it of exemplifying their solutions of the customers with the problems which require many months efforts. With the help of this new technology, they can make them go away within hours or days.

Raffle.ai CEO “We are typically up and running with a full solution with our customers in a few hours or days, while many of our competitors have to spend months before going live,” – Suzanne Lauritzen, CEO and founder of raffle.ai.


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