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Qulart Drops Beta Status, Provides Clean Way To Find And Share Content

I’m still trying to find the best solution to consume web content. There are some blogs and websites that I like to check every day, and a RSS reader gets the job done. But checking my RSS feeds don’t feel like a fun solution to come back to every day -they feel more like a utility. On top of that, I also like aggregators for bringing me the best content on the web, because I’m addicted to the surprise of a really funny video, or interesting business news.

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Malmö-based Qulart, who we covered last April, has dropped their beta status and has announced new features. The service combines the functionality of RSS readers with additional feeds of new content depending on your interests.

So say I want to follow the feed of my favorite tech blog and music website, I can do so by adding it to a feed on Qulart. The content is then displayed with big pictures chronologically, allowing you to side-scroll through each feed. It requires a lot of clicking with a mouse, but on a laptop or tablet the side scrolling is quite intuitive. In addition to my RSS feeds, I can also subscribe to topics provided by Qulart, like humor, sports, videos, and so on.

Clicking on each story brings up the content within a frame on Qulart, and I have to say it’s fast and clean looking. Qulart CEO JOhan Unger tells us they’ve vastly improved the speed and stability of the system since their beta days.

Within these feeds I can tumbs up, thumbs down, or recommend content to my friends on Qulart, which helps train the algorithm that generates content for me. Qulart now recommends the most trending stories of the day, and users can now post their own content into the system.

So what is Qulart? It feels like a very visual, Reddit/content aggregator with RSS features. Sometimes you just need the web to entertain you, and Qulart provides enough in-site content to help you feel entertained and interested from day one, but still offers enough personalization to help you follow your interests.

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