FEO Media's QuizClash Adds 10 Million Users in 3 Weeks

    You can see the story in two blogposts by going to Swedish game developer FEO Media‘s website. January ninth, they’re celebrating five million users on QuizClash. And today, just over three weeks later, they’re celebrating a solid 15 million users.

    “The growth in players is absolutely incredible. This is without a doubt the most popular mobile quiz game in the world right now,” the company says on their blog.

    We haven’t gotten our hands on it, but it looks like the social quiz game is what you would expect. You and your opponent take turns for six rounds and answer three questions per round. The game now has 25,000 questions in their directory, and they say they add 100 more per day.

    Their strategy has been to localize solidly into their target markets – with different apps, like QuizClash in the U.S. and Quizkampen in Sweden, for example. This strategy must have somewhat of a limiting approach – for instance since I live in the Finnish app store, the game is only availible to be downloaded in the U.S. app store (and QuizClash isn’t localized into Finnish).

    Part of their success begs the question, what’s going on with these Swedish quiz apps? Last November at Slush we announced that MAG Interactive’s Ruzzle raised $6 million and counted over 50 million downloads. Perhaps people just want to feel smarter than their friends. When they find out they’re not, they search for a new quiz game where they can start fresh.