Question Of The Week: What's Your Startup New Year's Resolutions?

    New Years is a bit silly, it’s a holiday celebrating the passage of time. Something that happens almost every day. But the good thing it brings is a chance to start fresh in our next lap around the sun.

    So while new habits and goals are on everyone’s mind, what are your startup New Year’s Resolutions? What do you want to change up in your workflow, or what’s that milestone to reach? Let’s get the discussion going in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, or G+. With any luck, someone out there will see your resolution and add it to their own list, or get a chance to discuss realistic expectations.

    And here’s a bonus question we’d love for you to answer: Big changes are happening at AS, so what should our New Year’s Resolutions be?

    2013 on the snow for the new year and christmas photo by shutterstock