Qubulus Creates Indoor Positioning Solutions For Users, Developers

    Qubulus is a Swedish company producing the engine and algorithms behind what they call QPS, the “Qublus Positioning System”. With it, they seek to solve the mobile phone indoor positioning problem that will provide an accurate X, Y and Z level for their own positioning products, and for solutions for developers.

    One end-user product they’re advertising is Iguana, a workforce collaboration solution that offers you the ability to find and interact with your colleagues, no matter what floor or building they’re in. For Developers, Gecko is a tool they’ve built so anyone can provide indoor positioning in their apps. It’s advertised as free to use, and to implement it, basically all you have to do is provide a map of your venue and record a “fingerprints” file by walking through the venue to collect the radio signals.

    On top of that they’ve built LocLizard, an application positioning platform that provides accurate positioning on an indoor map, and even switches maps when going between floors. You can see a video of this in action at the end of the post.

    The indoor positioning developer solutions seems pretty similar to a Finnish competitor we’ve covered, Walkbase. However, it’s far from just these two Nordic companies duking it out to become the go-to solution. Most notably Google is also working on an indoor positioning solution for Google Maps.

    Qubulus sums this up this sudden competition on their blog: “We recall walking into Silicon Valley in 2010 mentioning we were doing Indoor Positioning and people were intrigued to hear about this novelty. Only one year later we made a second trip and this time there was already a dedicated Indoor Positioning event.”

    Indoor positioning is a hot space right now, and I’m sure there’ll be a nice reward for whoever provides the go-to tool for developers.