Quarter of a million Euros on the table for media innovation

    You’ve read the narrative plenty of times before – the media industry is in trouble and writers need new tools to better present information and get paid for it.

    If you’re interested in building tools to support the media industry, now you don’t have to do so out of the kindness in your heart. Uutisraivaaja, a media innovation competition run by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation is awarding €250,000 to this years grand prize winner, providing plenty of incentive to throw a good idea at them. And with one more month left in the application process, you better get your idea in quick.

    The application process is fairly straightforward – you fill out an online application in Finnish or English and send it on in. The competition has a broad definition of “innovation” and “media” – your innovation doesn’t need to be a finished product, it can still be in the idea stage. And your innovation doesn’t need to target a narrow area, past applicants were anywhere between social media, food production chains, slow journalism, browser applications, art, and fact checking.

    Last year the competition drew in 105 applications from Finland and abroad.

    We’re always hungry to try out new tools, so as another open call we’re happy to try out anything you’re building and provide honest feedback on it. And get those applications in by January 17th!