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Last weekend, another 48-hour developing competition was held in Tartu. The Garage48 event saw lots of interesting projects being pitched, planned and completed. Yet again, looking at the summary of the projects – Garage48’s attendants showed they have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Not only are the ideas worthwhile executing, some of them managed to gain traction over the weekend already.

The winner of the competition was Qminder. Qminder makes queues virtual enabling you to take a number from elsewhere instead of physically waiting at the venue. They also won the Nokia developer challenge.

Audience favorite was Take OR Leave It, which is a sort of a mobile polling application where you can ask your friends for opinions.

Shakebeet won the “Most fun project” as well as the Nokia Developer prize for their music application where you can change the song based on the shake of the phone. This means that the music on your phone will match the beat of the physical shake of the phone.

WeatherMe won the “Best Innovator” prize for their weather app. The app is tailored to you based on your needs. As a surfer you might be interested in good winds at the beach or as a farmer you might be interested in knowing when the temperature drops below zero at the fields.

“Quickest to the market” -prize was given to the team working on bringing Facebook to the TV and more specifically to the Elion nutiTV (IPTV) with about 330 000 viewers.

The other projects and their descriptions, as well as URLs can be seen from the Garage48 website. They’re well worth the look.

Garage48 is looking to organise events also in Helsinki in October, Riga in November, while St. Petersburg and Stockholm are also on the list. While not everyone from the Garage48 teams will continue into building their project into a startup, they are excellent in introducing people to the potential and everyday challenges of running a startup on a basic level.

ArcticStartup was also a proud last minute sponsor of the event by giving free tickets to the winning team to the Arctic15 competition – congrats to the winners! You can also purchase your tickets through the Arctic15 website.

Image from Garage48 website.

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