Swedish startup raises $1 million pre-seed to disrupt software testing with AI advancements

Stockholm-based startup has raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round led by VC firm byFounders to develop an AI-based tool aimed at streamlining Quality Assurance (QA) testing in software development. Other investors include Mikael Johnsson (co-founder of investment company Oxx and former partner at Amadeus Capital), Vigor Sörman (founder of Splay), Petter Nyman (former CTO at Sambla) and Vilhelm von Ehrenheim, AI expert at EQT Motherbrain. The latter is also an active advisor to, together with David Hallvig, VP Data Science at Billogram. The startup develops AI-powered tools that automate and improve Quality Assurance (QA) testing in software development, making the process more efficient and freeing up developers to focus on coding. The funding will support further development and expansion of the team.

QA (Quality Assurance) testing is repetitive and costly, but a necessary part of software development. This may involve testing basic features of a website, such as login, creating an account and adding an item to the shopping cart. In many cases, this work is done manually and it’s not unusual for companies to employ one QA tester for every third developer. In many cases, developers themselves test their code, a task often seen as plain boring.

“All other trends in development lean towards reusing code, so why should you have to write tests from scratch? It’s a very time- and resource-consuming process, and errors often occur due to the human factor. By automating QA tests, we free up time that allows the developer to focus on writing code, not testing it,” said Daniel Mauno Pettersson, CEO and one of the founders of, who himself has extensive experience in application testing.

Daniel Mauno Pettersson has previously been CTO at memmo and Billogram, and Head of Product at Dooer. He founded the company together with Patrick Lef, who has a product background at memmo, Collabs and Videofy, and Marcus Carloni, founder of Flowbox and Smart Media.

The AI-based tester developed by is designed to act like a real tester to find potential issues on a web page. The tool can be used to test features such as search, shopping cart, cookie banners and login. The user can see which prompt the tool is using, step-by-step test execution, debug data, and suggested actions.

“Generative AI is a rapidly growing field that will largely replace human, intelligent work,” said Daniel Mauno Pettersson. “Code written with the help of AI can make a developer significantly more productive, but at the same time means more code to test. This is where our tool comes in, by helping developers build more robust, bug-free applications.”

“We are proud to back this team and we are excited about the problem they are solving. Millions of hours of tedious work can be saved, while increasing the quality of all software we interact with”, said Magnus Hambleton, investor at byFounders.

The tool will be offered as a SaaS subscription. already has about twenty customers interested in participating in the company’s beta program.

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