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StereoscapeThe Nordic countries, and especially Finland, have been strong in graphical software development. This has partially been reflected in the relatively large and successful gaming industry. Another area where this expertise has now had positive network externalities is the animation and movie industry in the form of 3D. For those unfamiliar with 3D movies, Wikipedia defines the technology as the process of including the illusion of depth perception. There’s an interesting Finnish player in this area that has attracted quite a bit of international interest in the recent months.

Stereoscape has been on a high roll this autumn. They are creating 3D movies and one of their major productions next year will be the world famous Moomin movie “Moomin and the Comet Chase”. The movie will of course have a lot of air time in the Nordics, but there is a lot of talk behind the scenes that it will get a lot of international visibility as well.

So what makes all this so attractive compared to regular movies? It’s all in the experience. I heard from Stereoscape employees that there aren’t that many companies in the world doing this kind of work. Furthermore, the movie theaters are developing their equipment all the time. Over the next year, most of the Finnish movie theaters will be able to show 3D movies.

The movie industry in general is betting a lot on 3D movies and with so much going for them, it’s easy to understand why. 3D movies are no good to pirates as you need special equipment for them. Also, there’s an advantage in them due to the same reason for cinemas compared to home theaters. Finally, cinemas are also able to charge a slight premium for the experience. Taking all this into consideration, it seems that Stereoscape is in a very lucrative business considering its potential in the near future.

Stereoscape itself has a few business areas where it is working at the moment. It does some work with advertisers and companies in creating 3D advertisements as well as company presentations. The other major source of revenue is the conversion business. Conversion means the process of taking a 2D movie and changing it into 3D format. For this, Stereoscape has some processes of its own that make them one of the most high quality partners around.

Moomin and the comet chase
The material for the new movie is based on an old television series and with the help of it the story is fine-tuned and made 3D.

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