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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Swedish company receives grant to replace single-use plastics with fiber-based alternatives

The project of angel-backed Swedish PulPac, Nordic Barrier Coating and OrganoClick has received financial support from BioInnovation, the Swedish strategic innovation program financed by Vinnova. The startup’s manufacturing technology enables low cost, high performance fiber-based packaging and single-use products. The consortium of these companies will further with development of the environmentally friendly project.

PulPac, NBCAB and OrganoClick develops PFAS- and plastic-free barriers – receives grant from BioInnovation

PulPac, Nordic barrier coating and OrganoClick have been granted funding from BioInnovation for developing PFAS- and plastic-free barriers for food packages

The consortium of PulPac, Nordic Barrier Coating and OrganoClick has been granted financial support for continued development of 100% biobased, plastic- and PFAS-free barriers and materials for demanding food packaging applications. The development project is funded from the Swedish strategic innovation program BioInnovation financed by the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova.

Following breakthroughs made last 2021, the consortium will continue the project that focuses on integration of commercially scalable environmentally friendly water and/or grease resistant barriers specialized in Dry Molded Fiber.

Pulpac, Viktor BörjessonViktor Börjesson, Chief Partnership Officer at PulPac comments, “We are very proud about the breakthroughs achieved within BioInnovation with our partners. The combined performance in OrganoClick’s chemistry and scalability coupled with NBC’s dynamic ability to form specialized materials makes this a very important project.

Dry Molded Fiber is disrupting fiber forming, making it possible to manufacture paper packaging without wasting valuable water resources or energy and significantly reducing CO2, at unit economics that are very competitive. These solutions are plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable – very important qualities to our customers.”

Pulpac, OrganoClick, Dan BlomstrandDan Blomstrand, VP Biocomposites at OrganoClick AB, comments “We are very eager to continue building on the breakthroughs reached in step one of this BioInnovation program. The potential markets being enabled in packaging and single-use products with our 100% biobased and home compostable coating and binder products for Dry Molded Fiber by PulPac are enormous.”


Pulpac, Nordic Barrier Coating, Urban WinbergUrban Winberg, CEO at Nordic Barrier Coating AB, comments “The delicate art of designing materials and combining functions from OrganoClick’s chemistry adapted for Dry Molded Fiber has yielded very exciting opportunities as shown in last year’s breakthroughs. We can now invest in infrastructure and industrial capacity to commercially pilot the solutions discovered, and to cater to Dry Molded Fiber’s global uptake.”

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