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Hey everyone! I’m Junaid, one of the makers of Prospectss.com (https://prospectss.com/)

A few months ago, I noticed that I was spending a large amount of money on subscriptions of lead finder and email verifier tools. As a founder of an early stage startup, it got difficult for me to manage my increasing cash burns on such tools. Finding leads and verifying emails is one of the major problems early-stage startups face. But while starting out, often you don’t have enough cash to burn on such tools. With Prospectss.com we help you find & verify 5000 emails for free every month.

So far, I’ve seen an awesome response from the community with Prospectss.com becoming a bookmarked site to find leads and verify emails easily.

This is the first iteration of the site, looking forward to your feedback on how I can improve it further!

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