Promo Bucket Raises Funding For Brand Asset Management And Editor Solution

    When you send out your brand’s materials for others to use or edit, things get messy. Huge zip files or a FTP server of brand assets don’t work smoothly, especially when you run into deeper issues, like having the correct fonts installed. Stockholm-based Promo Bucket has created an online solution in the Brand Asset Managment and Web To Print segment that looks pretty interesting. There seems to be 1 million Brand Asset Management tools out there, but Promo Bucket seems intent on solving real world problems. The company has also announced seed funding from Almi Invest and 1a Västmanlandsfonden.

    The company didn’t wan to share any additional numbers about their funding round, but did say that their funding should cover the MVP and further development to around Q1-Q3 of 2013. The product is currently in private beta, but their MVP will be launched mid-December.

    Going into more detail about the product, Promo Bucket targets advertising agencies and their end customers through a SAAS solution. The goal here is ease of use and accessibility; they make it easier for employees and contractors to access marketing materials and edit them online, even if they have no prior design experience. All of the logos, company fonts, colors, and web-based design editor allow anyone to create print-worthy PDFs using the uploaded brand assets.

    The company explains this feature better on their website:

    A “Magic PDF” is PromoBuckets own little format that lets non-designers create and edit marketing material online – without installing any applications or fonts. There is no need to know anything about print, color spaces, what a missing link is, or even graphic profiles for that matter.

    On top of that, through Promo Bucket, you can hook up your own suppliers – such as a business card printer, or roll-up supplier. This allows anyone from you company to edit and manage their project no matter if they need something sent to a print shop or coffee cup supplier.

    This uploaded information can also create a public profile you can send to media, so they have access to your logos and other brand assets – rather than repackaging them every time you create new content.

    “We have been in this business a number of years now and we’ve observed what everyone else is doing, and decided to do the opposite,” says Alex Kheirmand, CEO of Promo Bucket. “In direct contrast to filling the application with features that wont be used, our focus is on the customer and their actual needs. PromoBucket allows us to package our thoughts into a SaaS solution and thereby reach a wider audience and scale the service and company much faster.”