Project Getaway: Adventurous Entrepreneurs Living A Life In Paradise

    Soon the Nordic summer will be over, and then the ice cold winter only gets closer day by day. So what is an adventurous entrepreneur to do? Well, how about going to Bali, live in luxury villas, and join 15 young, successful, fun and adventurous entrepreneurs?

    This is exactly what Project Getaway is all about, and during September and October this year, we have organized a trip, which is designed to be a “dream come true” for any entrepreneur.

    Live a Life in Paradise, while Working on Your Own Startup

    The idea originally came up while I was traveling the world and working on my many different tech startups from various exotic locations. Travelling around the world was truly an amazing experience for me, however I often missed the joy and inspiration that comes from speaking and networking with other fun entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

    So I decided to start Project Getaway with a bunch of very cool entrepreneurs, and together organize events for entrepreneurs that allowed them to work on their own startups while living with other awesome entrepreneurs in paradise-like environments.

    Ultimately Project Getaway turned out to be much more than just travels for entrepreneurs. Through several “master mind” sessions, we ultimately shaped Project Getaway into a concept where the main purpose became to “help entrepreneurs live a life in paradise, while they work on their own cool startups”.

    And our first big event will take place in what can only be described as a paradise for entrepreneurs. Just take a look at some of these great photos of the 3 luxurious villas in Bali.

    Perfect Balance between Adventure, Work and Fun

    Project Getaway is not just about relaxing and surfing all day long. We want to ensure that all participants are highly motivated, successful, inspirational and fun entrepreneurs. And through the team building, knowledge sharing and networking events, we are certain that great life-long friendships and working relationships will form. At the fantastic villas, the organizing team has furthermore ensured great working conditions – and of course high speed internet.

    So we intent for you to be able to both work on your own companies, and potentially form new companies with some of the other successful entrepreneurs during the Getaways.

    More Luxurious and Fun Events Coming Soon

    Due to the great success and many applicants to our first Getaway, we are already working on more awesome events all over the world. You can already now signup for more info about these events, by showing your interest.

    If you are even interested in helping organizing and/or hosting events, we are also currently looking for co-organizers. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet eachother in a future Project Getaway – I truly hope so! 🙂

    About the author:
    Michael Bodekaer is a serial entrepreneur focusing primarily on IT, software and online startups.
    Despite his young age, he has founded three successful companies, including Smartlaunch Systems (software platforms, IPOed in 2004), BoligPlus (apartment rental services, acquired by Eggert Holding in 2006), Softdetect (corporate anti piracy, license management and employee effectiveness improvement). In the past, he also worked with McKinsey and Company as a management consultant, and has a masters in Finance and Strategic management from Kellogg School of Management and Copenhagen Business School. He also teaches entrepreneurship at various startup bootcamps.